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    Our investment in combining advanced technology and science is driving progressive change

Trusted testing regimes that promote a secure production environment

Central to the protection of all the members of a production is the multi-dimensional testing regime that has been designed by the Your Doctor clinical team. Using proven and accepted procedures, tests and laboratories, Production Passport casts the most clinically safe COVID-19 net around all the members of a production team, including cast, crew and all ancillary members of the team, that is currently possible.

Establishing suitable testing frequency is all part of the project design that Your Doctor Film & Media initiates in order to build the most appropriate and cost effective testing regime for each individual production. Newly available on-site testing provides faster outcomes and reduces costs.

  RT-PCR Testing

The RT-PCR test has established itself as the 'Gold Standard' for COVID-19 testing, PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) is a molecular test that detects the virus' genetic material. Your Doctor Film & Media utilises a number of UKAS regulated laboratories located throughout the UK to ensure testing facilities are always available to our clients productions.

  Vivalytic PCR Testing

PCR test using Bosch vivalytic technology, a universal platform for molecular diagnostics, which enables SARS COVID-19 tests to be performed fully and in a fully automated manner.

Sample material: Nasopharyngeal and Oropharyngeal swab

Sensitivity: 100%            Specificity: 100%

Test time: 50 Minutes

Process: Single (1:1) or Pooled (1:7) test

  qPCR Testing

Real time PCR, also called quantitative PCR provides a simple and elegant method for determining the amount of the Covid-19 virus present in the sample being analysed.

Sample material: Nasopharyngeal and Oropharyngeal swab

Sensitivity: 97.9%          Specificity: 95.7%

Test time: 100 Minutes

Process: Up to 96 tests run concurrently


Flexible, dynamic, service design

We understand that each production has different challenges and unique demands.

At the outset of a project, our clinical team undertake a series of risk assessments in order to work closely with the production team to create their Production Passport and deliver the most appropriate service levels. As a result we are able to build and deploy a service that meets the specific demands of each individual customer.

In addition, as the science evolves and the methods to combat COVID-19 advance, the Production Passport service will also progressively change. This flexibility allows us to continually adapt the service whilst always deploying best clinical practice.

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