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    Carrying out regulated activities through our clinical partner Your Doctor Ltd by the Care Quality Commission and meeting the exacting standards of GDPR, Production Passport is a clinically led service that ensures that both cast and crew can work in a safe environment.

A clinical service leading the way out of lockdown

As a result of the extraordinary situation created by the outbreak of COVID-19 (commonly known as the Coronavirus), the country as a whole and more relevantly the film industry, has been fighting this pandemic via a series of government regulated measures that have almost shut down the film and media industry internationally.

Your Doctor Film & Media has combined clinical expertise, unique straight-thru processing technology and robust testing protocols to kick start existing and new production schedules, enabling production teams to get back to work.


Clinical best practice combines with robust data governance

Your Doctor Film & Media is a specialist provider of private medical solutions to the film and media industries. We have been providing medical solutions to production companies, staff members and contractors for the last two years. Working in partnership with our affiliates and customers, we have developed a regulated and clinically led service that enables an immediate return to active production for all cast and crew, enabling them to rebuild their production schedules in a safe and secure environment.

Regulated clinical protection

Production Passport combines the Clinical services of Your Doctor Limited with the operational, logistical and technology services of Your Doctor Film and Media.

Production Passport is a specialised corporate clinical service. As it includes clinical registration, data sharing, employee & consultant consent and the establishment of patient records for all employees and contractors engaged in the production, it falls under the regulatory supervision of the British government’s primary health regulator, the Care Quality Commission (CQC). Non-adherence to these stringent regulations carries a maximum penalty of a prison sentence and unlimited fines.

Film and TV production companies can draw complete comfort from the fact that Your Doctor is highly rated by the CQC and in establishing, operating and evolving this unique service, will ensure not just a high level of clinical protection for any on-site production team, but importantly creates the regulatory umbrella under which this service can operate legally. 

Production Passport is fully compliant with the complex data storage and data sharing regulations set out in the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).


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