Our Layered Services Approach

Our logistics, data and technology services combined with clinical best practice provide a unique approach to COVID-19 testing.

COVID-19 Testing Central to the protection of all the members of a production is the multi-dimensional testing regime that has been designed by the Your Doctor clinical team. Our own UKAS regulated laboratories can be location based or mobile..literally on the road with your production.

Concierge Testing Service Qualified nurses and experienced drivers deliver rapid and secure nationwide testing to the safety and comfort of your home, work or outdoor location.

e-Health Questionnaire allows all cast and crew to report key health metrics each morning before the day starts.

Patient Portal allows production heads and patients to review testing schedules, results status and overall testing metrics for the life of their project.

Clinical Services provide another level of medical support to the testing services we provide. Productions have access to health specialists that can support all parts of a production.

Regulation underpins all areas of our service provision. As a qualified government provider, we are regulated by UKAS and our clinical partner is regulated by the CQC. All parts of the service are fully GDPR compliant.