Advertising Producers Association (APA) takes a robust stance on Covid-19 testing

Creating new content for the film and TV industry is certainly a challenge in the midst of a global pandemic. So it was great to see the Advertising Producers Association (APA) adopting a robust and clear set of protocols in regard to ensuring the health and safety of all concerned in the creation of content whether they are involved in production, pre or post production, music, sound design, VFX or editing.

Your Doctor Film & Media is also playing our part in helping the advertising community get back to work and to continue making inspirational content. We are providing Covid-19 testing to large and small productions, supporting all stages of the process including pre and post production activities. In addition to supporting on-location testing, our concierge teams visit private residences, hotels, airports…wherever the cast and crew members are situated we can test them!

Our customers look to us for advice and direction. Clinical knowledge and testing science are evolving quickly, and we are well placed to help our customers navigate through the ever-changing Covid landscape. With clinical best practice at our core, Your Doctor Film & Media not only provides excellent testing programs, but also supports all parts of a production’s activities with an underlying clinical service. This combination of knowledge and experience combined with our focus on the film and TV production environment, makes Your Doctor Film & Media the leading industry supplier of Covid protection services in the UK.

If you haven’t already done so check out the APA’s Covid-19 testing recommendations here.