It involves swabbing the back of throat on each side and usually in both nostrils. This procedure can make you gag when we swab the throat and in the nose, tickling or making your eyes water is a common result of the procedure. It does not take very long and is slightly uncomfortable.

A PCR test is a way of detecting if you are infected with the virus at present. We use a long nasal swab to obtain a sample which is then sent off to the laboratory for analysis and a result will be returned within 36 hours.

Antibody tests involves drawing blood or is some cases a pinprick test. It detects antibodies in your blood serum which indicates if you have had the virus in the past. It normally takes the body 2-3 weeks to develop these antibodies after symptoms subside.

Your immune system produces antibodies and they help to clear the virus from your body. It DOES NOT mean that you have immunity. The level of immunity and how long it lasts are not known yet.

That depends on a number of circumstances. It is estimated that 20% of patients are asymptomatic ( No symptoms- Covid-19 is not fully understood and these estimates may change over time. )

So if you do not have symptoms you do not necessarily need a test. However, there are situations where you are being asked to be tested even if you have no symptoms. For example, film production, events or work. Airlines required a negative test for travel.

Some patients want to test themselves to check that they are safe to see a vulnerable family member/ friend ( Subject to Government Guidelines)

Yes , it is important to check if you have Covid. We could make arrangements to get a test sent to you or get a clinician to do the test in a drive-through scenario. They would be wearing PPE.

Yes it is possible to test yourself. This can be done by watching our video on self-swabbing or via instructions given with the swab. It is generally accepted that self-swabbing is less accurate than if you are swabbed by a clinician.

Most results are back within 24 hours. In some cases, it can be quicker. There are a number of variables. If your sample needs retesting, it can take longer. Positives results can take longer as the sample is often double checked.

All our staff will be wearing PPE whilst taking the sample. They will usually be wearing masks, visors, gloves and aprons which are changed frequently. Our staff are also swabbed every couple of days and symptom checked every day to ensure that patients are as safe as possible.

You will be notified by us and if you have consented so will your employer. It is then important to self-isolate for 10 days as per GOV.UK guidance. Anyone who lives with you or has been in close contact with you in the last 48 hours will have to self-isolate for 14 days. NHS track and trace are notified by the laboratories that process the results.

Your production team will discuss their specific protocols with you in relation to getting back to work.

It is possible for us to get positive result certificates from the laboratory or negative results from us. There is a charge for this. All results certificates are stamped and signed by a doctor. These are often required for travel in particular If travelling, please check with your airline as to the timeframe in which the test needs to be conducted.