COVID 19 - The true impact

Covid-19 has brought unprecedented challenges to all industries during 2020. Never before has the health of employees been brought into such sharp focus. Moving forwards, employers will have a responsibility to keep their workforce safe, whilst enabling ‘business as usual’.

Testing to create safe environments for staff

From routine weekly testing, to extreme 'bubbles', regular testing schedules are the key to ensuring a Covid-safe working environment. Early virus detection and identification of asymptomatic patients helps to keep the entire workforce safe.


Social distancing and personal protection measures

In addition to rigorous testing, risk assessments, and the adoption of social distancing, PPE and hand washing and sanitising stations all contribute to a safer working environment. In reality, for film and TV productions these measures aren't always feasible, so creating a workable solution that helps to mitigate risk is vital.


Speed of turnaround for test results

Factoring in testing to production schedules puts the emphasis on speed. Fast turnaround of results is key in keeping productivity high, whilst fostering a safe working environment. A combination of testing methods as science evolves will further ensure that schedule deadlines continue to be met.


Clinical Guidance

The Covid landscape is changing rapidly as research and science evolve. Continual monitoring of these changes by a trusted clinical partner will be crucial in helping to continually adapt protocols.